Install and use Geshi filter into Drupal

afbeelding van Developmentteam

Install Geshi module.
Make a seperate format for Geshi. (ckeditor and Geshi do not work well together.
Set the languages to use.
I use php, css, javascript, jquery, bash and mysql
Start writing a node and use tags like <php> </php> to get a syntax highlighted code snippit.

// Javascript

function krumo_traverse(el) {

if ($(el).closest('.krumo-nest').length > 0) {

// Set the message handler based on interactivity setting.
_backup_migrate_message_callback($interactive ? '_backup_migrate_message_browser' : '_backup_migrate_message_log');
// Get the arguments with the first 3 removed.
$args = array_slice(func_get_args(), 3);
return call_user_func_array($function, $args);
.naam{ font-color:green; } $(".naam").hide();