Under construction

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Under construction

Often while change or updating the sites it is important to keep the visitors away. 

The Drupal-way is of course a great and build in way, but it has some down sides.

  • visitors who know /user/login will still see much of the site. 
  • the headers and footers are still visible
  • and as a developer you have difficulties testing the site in real view situation


An alternative is to place this

  2. $ip = $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR';];
  3. if($ip != '') {
  4. header("Location: /underconstruction.html");
  5. exit;
  6. }
in the index.php. 
And set the ip address to your address. You can even add the underconstruction.html to inform visitors.


Use a proxy to check if it is working properly